What Makes Our Farm So Valuable To You?

No Usage of inorganic fertilizers. Farmers in our communities use animal manure.


Manure and compost not only supply many nutrients for crop production, including micro-nutrients, but they are also valuable sources of organic matter. Increasing soil organic matter improves soil structure or tilth, increases the water-holding capacity of coarse-textured sandy soils, (which is the case in Cambodia) improves drainage in fine-textured clay soils, provides a source of slow release nutrients, reduces wind and water erosion, and promotes growth of earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms. Most vegetable crops return small amounts of crop residue to the soil, so manure, compost, and other organic amendments help maintain soil organic matter levels.


The Soil Characteristics:

  • Mineral-rich
  • Good soil tilth
  • Sufficient depth
  • Good soil drainage
  • Low weed pressure
  • Large population of beneficial soil organisms
  • Slow & sufficient, but not excessive, nutrient supply
  • Small population of plant pathogens and insect pests
  • Resilience to degradation and unfavorable condition

It also benefits from the sound knowledge and expertise of Cambodian farmers in growing herbs handed down from one generation to the next. This explains the exceptional quality of native aromatic plants people are cultivating here in Cambodia.