My name is Sopal Tik. I am a 30 years old Cambodian woman. I was born and grew up in a village in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. My father died when I was 2. My mother had to struggle bringing up me and my two sisters. When I was a junior high school student I had to drop out in order to work and support my family - selling vegetables, herbs and fruits. Thus I am very familiar to my surrounding ecosystem and organic farming through my own work and experiences. In 2015 my Partner Morteza Ariana, a German citizen based in Siem Reap, and I founded The Lemongrass company. Our mission is to contribute to your health and well-being by 100% natural growing herbs & roots of our own farm and those of our community members. We also aim to support our community by purchasing their products at a fair price. I supervise the process of selection and production with great care in accordance with my passion for organic farming



My Mom on rice field in front of our Home