i look good, feel better and live longer by taking a herbal bath

How to use herbal ball

There is always several factors that lead to a certain outcome. Therefore, If you want to have the optimal results of herbal bathing, you should take a wholistic approach which includes all aspects of well-being. 


  • Take at least 30 minutes time. Quiet your mind and be present.
  • Yawn while stretching up your arms very slowly for 1 minute. Yawning is very healthy. See below for the health benefits of Yawning.
  • Prepare a large cup of herbal tea. The best is the iced herbal tea, which you already made before and put into the fridge.
  • Turn on the warm water and toss the herbal ball into it.
  • How about to light a candle.
  • Make a relaxing music. Your favorite one, slow piano jazz, or let say spa music.
  • As you know, the words are very powerful and creative, therefore say the followings before you slowly immerse yourself into the warm, aromatic water.
  • Ahhhhhhhh, I feel so relaxed. I feel so amazing like on the clouds. I am grateful for this great moment. 
  • And then try to observe and realize anything in your surrounding - the fragrant of the herbs, the light of candle, the beauty of the music, the softness of the water on your skin and the moment as a whole.

The benefits of herbal bathing










You do what is written above and your herbal bathing will have following benefits



  • Elevate your soul
  • Sleep better
  • Relieve pain
  • Relieve headache 
  • Stimulate healthy skin regeneration - skin beauty
  • Improve lymphatic drainage and blood flow 
  • Toxins and cellular debris are more quickly cleared 
  • Improved health and vitality 
  • Relieves anxiety
  • The fragrant water is soothing to your mind, body and spirit
  • You enjoy

Eye Massage with herbal ball

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